This journey was started 30 years ago, the foundation of which was laid by Mr. Dr. Rajesh Sharma.  Their main objective was people who live in the village and who live in the slums of the city.  An initiative should be taken for their benefit by which all those people can be helped socially to get rid of medical and other problems.  In which the institution can provide first aid treatment and medicines free of cost to the helpless people of all these poor sections.  In this sequence, medical facilities were made available to women and children and the elderly.  Individuals who did not have enough money for treatment. Provided them free medicine treatment.  This work is being done continuously since 1991.

After this, many other tasks were done to keep the education of children in rural and urban slum slums in view of various other issues, keeping in mind the health and livelihood of women.

In which women empowerment has been talked about.  Emphasis is being laid on children's health and education.  In this, awareness programs have been conducted on the schemes being run by the government viz.

Panchayati Raj Program, Literacy Campaign, Pulse Polio Campaign, Vaccination Campaign, AIDS, Awareness Campaign, Livelihood Mission, Reproductive Health Mother Child Health, many tasks were taken into consideration.