The main objective of the institution in the field of education is to educate the section of the society who are uneducated, to include people of all ages and to add them to the mainstream of development.




The poor section of the illiterate class for a long time comes about education.  Along with this, lack of education is seen in rural areas, in which most of the lack of education is seen among women and girls.  Girls are not allowed to study saying that they have to do chulha chowka in another house and the children of families who are poor, are forced to work, due to which there is lack of education.




Our organization started awareness programs in the poor and rural areas of the same section, in which the government made adult education campaign padho-Badho Abhiyan, School Chalen Abhiyan and through our volunteer small school programs were also organized for women.  Explained the importance and made aware of the benefits arising from it.




By spreading awareness in the field of education, we appealed to those women and children and girls by motivating them for education.  That by reading, your reputation and respect in the society increases.  You people can become self-reliant and have the opportunity to take advantage of free education from the government, so that many children and women are able to establish themselves today and have the courage to move forward.

Education:  Every Children has right to have education.

Child Rights: Every Child has equal rights to live healthily, happily and independently. To change the world you must change the way you see the world. Support us to help for under privilege child’s nutrition, health and skill development.

We have educated underprivileged children by showing short films of  Meena ki Pathshala in Total 39 wards of Rural & Urban Areas of Madhya Pradesh