Today mostly women are not aware of the use of sanitary pads at the time of menstruation, Even today girls and women in rural areas hesitate to use sanitary pads And many types of fears are also seen in them, And some women also use cloth.  In the same sequence, a similar problem is seen with the women living in the slums of the urban area.

For which our organization has been conducting many awareness programs in rural and urban areas about the problems related to women.

In which the problems related to women are being addressed and their problems are solved.  In this, attention is being given to awareness about the use and cleanliness of the pads. Along with this, sanitary pads are also being distributed free of cost from time to time through the volunteers and members of our organization and women and girls have been participating extensively in the workshop conducted by the organization.

In the last few years, about 2000 to 3000 women have been made aware about disposing of them by distributing free sanitary pads and also what precautions should be taken during menstruation by the members and volunteers of the organization.


Last Year (2016-19) our teams held Menstrual Awareness Sessions with more than 600 adolescent girls and women in slums, shelter homes, government schools in M.P STATE alone (apart from similar ongoing menstrual hygiene work in Rural India.