Die hoofdoel van die Aajeevika-sending is vir die vroue en meisies van die samelewing wat deur die werklose hulpelose armes van die gemartelde tronk gestraf is.  Vroue wat hul gesinne wil versorg, is nie vaardig op enige gebied nie.  Om hulle in staat te stel en te motiveer vir selfwerksaamhede onder die lewensmissie.


These problems are mostly found in slums and slums of rural urban areas and people from lower families, who have to depend on the head of the family to live their lives.  Everybody who earns money without wages, maintains his family.  Along with the lack of education in such women, there is a lack of inefficiency due to which there is a financial crisis.


By identifying such family groups, we encouraged the women and girls of those families to start self employment by giving UT parlor course, handicrafts cotton lights, incense sticks, envelopes, papad, pickle making, sewing embroidery training and skills.  They can become self-sufficient.  He can discharge himself and his family well.  He could establish himself in the society.  This training program will try to benefit the women of urban and rural areas and the effort will continue continuously.In this, till now we have done training of 1000 to 1500 lances.  In this, the imprisoned women were also given training in jail.


Livelihood is a short eight letter word which has a huge and a wide meaning. Livelihood is defined as “means of securing basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and clothes.” Livelihood or we can say Employment plays a Significant role in the lives of every aspirants and youngsters with sustainable livelihood, to have access to social protection measures, and to obtain decent work and income.

we have done several programmes to overcome from the peculiar problem of unemployment & to create a livelihood in upper and lower section of the society.